Management development

Are you looking for a reliable partner for management development?

Today, more than ever, competitiveness is determined by a company’s employees. This makes the development of management talent, in particular, all the more important. From the initial concept idea to actual implementation, we’ll be happy to accompany them each step of the way, using creative support measures and innovative methods to put what they have learned into practice (so-called transfer goals of our training courses). We are just as happy to design transfer assurance based on your company-specific conditions as we are to develop a creative, internal communication plan for the new program. And whether we’re designing a way to ensure knowledge transfer on the basis of your company-specific conditions or developing a creative, internal communication plan for the new program – we’re just as happy either way.

  • Leadership Skills as a New Manager
    "From Teammate to Captain"
  • Leveraging Body Language to Augment Power of Persuasion
    "Body Language Sells"
  • Lateral Leadership
    "Leading Professionally" functionally?
  • Professional Communication in Management
    "Comm Expert"
  • The First 100 Days as a Manager
    "Challenge 100"
  • The Manager as a Coach
    "Developing People"
  • Spearheading Performance Reviews
    "Leading to succeed“
  • Managing Difficult Dialogues and Meetings
    "Managing Confrontation“
  • Holistic Corporate Management
    "Leadership for growth“
  • Providing Resource-Oriented Feedback
    "Moti-chall“ Feedback-Culture