Our approach


Just as unique as your company are the concepts we develop individually for you. Because at admomentum we don’t believe in providing "off the shelf" concepts. Instead, we provide an individually developed package of measures - perfectly tailored to you and your training needs. We want to connect to the real world of your employees - our participants. So if, for example, you want to reinforce your managers in the management of feedback discussions, we find working with participants' own examples of such discussions to be the best way to go and have developed our multi-level approach for this purpose. This means that the training does not start in the training room, but with preparation in advance (Level 1). This might be a survey, a visit to a meeting by a trainer or a webinar with the participants. The classroom training -which can also be online- (Level 2) builds on this knowledge and establishes a connection to the real world. To finish it off, a follow-up (Level 3) in the form of coaching on the job, an app or a peer group – just to name a few – guarantees the highest possible transfer. Of course, we also offer all concepts in blended learning approaches.


Our methods are as creative as our concepts - but we only go as far as you or your employees are willing to go. We offer a wide range of methods from collage to organizational constellations. These are always adapted to your needs and those of the participants, so that everyone can develop their own individual momentum in a pleasant, stimulating working atmosphere.

Our work with Business Actors/Actresses is particularly noteworthy. This methodology works with trained actors/actresses and trainers. Here, participants are privy to the situation of experiencing their own behavior in a living mirror image - an experience not only remembered, but also carried over into a changed action.