admomentum - a moment to create a momentum (lat. moving force).

Changes in companies always begin with the personal development of the individual. Because every change - even within a team - always starts with the individual. Like a pendulum, the movement of a single part sets the overall structure in motion. This (so-called) systemic approach is the starting point for our individual training and coaching concepts.

Systemic leadership is the be-all and end-all for every successful company, as it takes different levels into account: negotiations, sales talks, conflicts and change. All these must be handled systemically in order to visibly increase the success of the company.

The added value for you: development and long-term implementation of comprehensive, solution-oriented courses of action among your employees.

Systemic leadership of employees in the sense of a transformational management style also takes into account the interaction of all participants while strengthening self-organization (autopoiesis). We focus on this systemic approach in both management development and team development.
The added value for you: appreciative, solution-oriented social interaction which makes for highly motivated and performance-driven teams.